Jimmy Wylie is a Principal Malware Analyst at Dragos, Inc. who spends
his days (and nights) searching for and analyzing threats to critical
infrastructure. He was the lead analyst on PIPEDREAM, the first ICS
attack “utility belt”, TRISIS, the first malware to target a safety
instrumented system, and analysis of historical artifacts of the
CRASHOVERRIDE attack, the first attack featuring malware specifically
tailored to disrupt breakers and switchgear in an electric
transmission substation.

Jimmy has worked for various DoD contractors, leveraging a variety of
skills against national level adversaries, including network analysis,
dead disk and memory forensics, and software development for detection
and analysis of malware. After leaving the DoD contracting world, he
joined Focal Point Academy, where he developed and taught malware
analysis courses to civilian and military professionals across the
country. In his off-time, Jimmy enjoys learning about operating
systems internals, playing pool, cheap beer, and good whiskey.
He can be found on Mastodon: @mayahustle@infosec.exchange